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WATER. What's In It?


One morning, the topic of 'water quality' came into my mind and would not leave. I must have filled kid's cups and water bottles hundreds of times from the refrigerator, but this particular morning was different. It wouldn't go away.

I told my husband that I wonder what is in our water and that we should look at water filters. His answer, (with a look at me like I was a little crazy) ‘Why? We live in Atlanta, we get our water from Lake Lanier. It’s fine.” Probably. However, I'll still research water filters was my answer.

I didn’t have to research. The next day, the following appeared at top of a newsfeed.


Atlanta wasn’t on the list, but Pensacola, FL was. Since we lived in Pensacola, FL for eight years before Atlanta and our little girl was born there, it got my attention.

“10 American Cities with the Worst Drinking Water”

“Study Finds Pensacola Has Nation’s Worst Water” (www.northescambia.com)

It gets worse. In another day or two, another piece glared at me on Ohio, near where I grew up. The one with global effects.


Ohio River. Still not over the rank of Pensacola water, the following glared - randomly appearing yet again, at top of one of my news feeds. It wasn't recently written, but it's significant, and global:

Major Chemical Company DuPont poisoned water supply for 50 Years"

“The company has been sued hundreds of times for contamination both the environment and humankind. The chemical C8 is used to make the product Teflon, which can cause liver, prostate, and testicular cancer. Dupont was aware of this danger for a long time, but continued to use it in the manufacturing of products anyway.” (From GlobalResearch.ca)

**I grew up in Ohio. Not on the Ohio River, where the poison dumped into, but not far.

Further information:

“…if the company had spent extra money and incinerated the chemical as 3M Co. had told them to, the water wouldn’t have been contaminated.” Source:

(Bloomberg.com: "DuPont Found Liable in First of 3,500 Law Suits")

"Because it's an extremely stable chemical, C8 does not biodegrade. Instead, it bioaccumulates, building up in people's blood over time if they continue to drink water or breathe air laced with the substance. Due to its ubiquitous use, the chemical can now be found in trace amounts in the bloodstream of more than 98 percent of Americans, and even in umbilical cord blood and breast milk, according to the Centers for Disease Control."

(Ecowatch: Teflon’s Toxic Legacy: DuPont Knew for Decades It Was Contaminating Water Supplies )

Huffington Post: Welcome to Beautiful Parkersburg, West VirginiaHome to one of the most brazen, deadly corporate gambits in U.S. history.

EWG (Environmental Working Group): "Tefflon Chemical Harmful at Smallest Doses"


Within a month, my husband asked me if I saw the article that came out about water reports in the U.S. Georgia didn’t come back as clear as I would have thought.


-Pharmaceuticals have been found in trace amounts in some public water sources.

-Agri-business industrial waste has been found in lakes.

-Heavy metals. Flint, Michigan alone should sound warning enough. Is this exclusive to Flint?

Fluoride is a natural occurring element; however, not sure the fluoride in our drinking water is as naturally sourced as one would want.

I was made aware of a situation in Ohio where a family member would rent a cottage every summer on the lake near Columbus. The water became filled with algae reportedly from the agri-industry run-off waste, making water quality hazardous. Warning signs had to be posted. Air quality became affected. They no longer rent the cottage.

All of the above - from northeast Ohio to Pensacola was a little disturbing. Water filters? Purified water? Options?


At the close of this writing, I researched filters, and found this - in Washington state:

"PCBs have been found in bays, rivers, streams, sediment, soil and air throughout Washington state, with more than 600 suspected or confirmed contamination sites from Puget Sound to the Wenatchee River, Lake Spokane to Commencement Bay," he said. (Reuters:"Washington state sues Monsanto over PCB damages, cleanup costs​")

The company faces lawsuits by at least eight West Coast cities raising similar claims.


Inspired by all those coming together, to stand together.

“Standing together to protect that which is sacred, a great healing began. This represents a monumental shift in the consciousness of the people of the United States….

Veterans came to stand with their Tribal brothers and sisters in defense of the land, the water and constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

“Standing Rock Represents a Shift in American Consciousness”(by Marie Oliver)

Standing Rock has come across the forefront of our national awareness.

I hope the water stays clear. There, and everywhere.


3/6/18- Attorney General Mike DeWine from Ohio sues Monsato for concealing harmful effects of the toxic chemicals for decades.


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