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I viewed the world one way. It was linear, left brain dominated, and highly logical. Mention the word 'meditation' and the image of a monk in an Asian cave or long haired hare krishna type on a San Francisco street corner came to mind. It was my idea of 'weird'.

Then... in walked Dr. Nancy Spence to class one day in college.

My worldview was about to shift.

My view of reality was about to be shattered. (20 years ago).

Drawing from her thousands of books read, hundreds of cities/countries visited, cultures studied, and years of experience exposed me to years of knowledge and wisdom that I did not/would not receive from TV shows, movies, news, magazines, or anything that mainstream media offered.

Her class and book Life Medicine: Wisdom for Extraordinary Living was one of a kind.

Her course was later cited by a major online news source as:

“among the ten most worthwhile, interesting courses on college campuses.”

Never underestimate the impact one person / one teacher can have on their students. She continues to influence today through her teaching and book.


It inspired me to learn as much as I possibly could, and about a world I did not yet know about.

With a PhD in East/West Psychology to include studies of human potential and interviews with highly successful people, she was able to weave together an award winning class on how to live a meaningful life:

"Her lifelong passion for world cultures and what they have to teach about optimal well-being has taken her to 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and South Pacific. She has studied Asian psychotherapies in Japan; explored Chinese medicines in The Peoples' Republic of China; observed Hindu ritual along the sacred Ganges; shared midnight stories with New Zealand's Maori; studied Celtic spirituality in Ireland and Iona, Scotland; and hiked East Africa's Serengeti with one of the world's last semi-nomadic tribes.

At the heart of it all is a deep enthusiasm for exploring how humans live their best lives and then helping others discover and maximize their own unique excellence." (From her bio)

She was like a walking billboard advertisement of 'unique excellence'.

She was Brilliant, Bright, Beautiful as if shining with clear light.


Thankful for the wisdom shared during her course(s). It was work - but it worked. It expanded my worldview in ways I had previously been limited to.

I learned to look beyond the surface. There was much more than what was visible at a surface level. It provided some type of internal guidance system that I had not known about before.

Until this point, anything intangible or termed 'spiritual' wasn't really 'real' unless it could be scientifically proven or materially viewed.

She continues to move others to inspired purpose today.


Lewis Howes posted this meme recently. Minus the dog, this is an accurate image of Dr. Nancy Spence's impact that her courses led to at University of Cincinnati.

BEFORE Nancy's class Life Medicine. AFTER Nancy's class Life Medicine:

Image from Lewis Howes Facebook/ School of Greatness.


Fast forward 20 years from the above classroom on University of Cincinnati's campus and the unexpected emerges. Twenty years ago I would have never imagined what I see now.

Congressman Tim Ryan- at the opposite end of Ohio has not only writing books on Mindfulness and Health, but is initiating effective programs into grade schools in Ohio.

Read his book A Mindful Nation.

He introduces mindfulness programs to school children in Youngstown, OH today - (my very own hometown!). Dr. Nancy Spence introduced Mindfulness and higher awareness to college students in Cincinnati, OH in the 90s. Together, their work has impact in ways yet to be discovered.

A Professor and a Congressman are setting a precedent in Ohio.

Since writing this post, I've learned that what is one of the first books - if not the original book on INTUITION was also authored by someone from Ohio, Penney Peirce, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati:

The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness by Penney Peirce.

Like Congressman Tim Ryan and Dr. Nancy Spence, Penney Peirce has been 'Bringing Higher Awareness to Life' since she left Ohio. She has been a pioneer in the field, working with CEOs, scientists, physchologists, government leaders around the world, the entertainment industry and more.

There's no question, each of the above are leaders in their respective career paths.


Lewis Howes interviews Congressman Tim Ryan of Youngstown, OH:

How We Learned to Think and Eat is Killing Us (and THIS is the Solution)

*Lewis Howes has one of the top 50 podcasts in the world - continually promoting positive mindset and inspiring people. He, too, is from Ohio.

Radio interviews with Dr. Nancy Spence in Cincinnati, OH: here

A Mindful Nation interview by Hayhouse here.

More on INTUITION here

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