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INTUITION. How do you know?

A compass has a magnetic force that consistently holds its true North. We, like a compass, hold an intrinsic magnetic-like true North as well. Is it open?

We may not know it is there, let alone listen to it. It could be clouded or all together closed. Yet, It knows our true direction for it is connected to that which is much greater than our everyday awareness. A flash of insight, a moment of knowing -most often subtle - is intuition. It applies insight to people, places, events, circumstances. The best of books below, a few personal examples here:


In El Salvador, traveling under Department of Defense orders for a work trip, an eerie feeling crept into my awareness on one segment of the trip. It was uncomfortable and unsettling.

After extensive travel throughout Latin America & Caribbean for work, especially to outlying areas, often hours away from the capital cities... 'far away' wasn't foreign to me.

Why, though, was it so foreboding this day, this segment of trip in El Salvador?

The next morning, a U.S. Marine was added to our vehicle for security. (This was in addition to the two person U.S. military / Embassy team I was with). This had never happened before.

We were told the region we were about to enter was known for possible 'activity'.

Drug trafficking and/or gang activity is more prevalent in certain areas of Central America. We were in one of those areas. I understood why the unsettled feeling crept into my awareness that day.

This happened again in Honduras later, near the jungles.


Fortunately, as a student in college I learned to listen. The compass of intuition became visible, and sometimes tangible.


I distinctly remember walking across campus one afternoon to class. From seemingly nowhere, these words were clear, my thoughts were clear:

"Something good is going to happen today." It was extremely distinct. (Ok, whatever, 'fanciful thoughts', 'is it this...or that' I thought to myself.) No, it was more important.

"The phone will ring later today and it will be your friend to tell you that the two of you will be going on Semester at Sea".

Semester at Sea was an around the world travel/study program designed for college students. The ship literally circles the globe. We had this hopeful plan in the works for over a year.

That evening, the phone rang into the sorority house where I was living - it was my friend.

"Do you have anything good to tell me?" I asked immediately. "Yes," she said and proceeded to say she would be able to go on our trip around the world together after all.

Many months and many prayers later, our answers arrived. It was distinct and clear that afternoon walking to class.

From this day forward our lives would be forever affected. We were about to plan for a global voyage unlike any other.

Our global perspectives were about to shift.


I owed my shifting perspectives and strong foundation to a Professor from University of Cincinnati. A major online news source later described her course as“among the ten most worthwhile, interesting courses on college campuses.” See Dr. Nancy Spence

My compass opened in that class.

More examples of intuition/experience - Continued below:

"Intuition is the inborn compass that keeps us on course when we set sail for our greatest dreams, pointing out opportunities, while at the same time alerting us to danger and distraction if we drift from our true purpose." -Sonia Choquette


Having a business lunch at a Thai restaurant while visiting Mobile, AL it was a great day. Then, within a second, a flash of a dizzy like state spun across my perception. I felt sick, dizzy, clouded, and with a headache in seconds.

To the point where it made me sick.

As fast as it came on, it was over. Perplexed, because I had never felt that way before. Nor had I gotten sick so fast without forewarning. Maybe years ago in Mexico was last time I can remember feeling this bad, but it wasn't sudden. This experience was sudden, and unexplained.

Later that day I discovered the person I was working for had a blackout, got dizzy, sick, and clouded with no forewarning. He doesn't know, or remember what happened except that he ended up in the ditch and in the hospital - and that his head hurt.

It happened the very hour, the very moment of the day in which I was hit with whatever 'that' was. Time and space does not stop information or perception.

Sometimes you can know or feel what is happening to those you are close to, no matter how far away.

This isn't the only time something like this happened.


One day, my husband stood up and abruptly looked stunned. He was hit with something like fire, or so it felt like. He was concerned that he didn't know what had just happened to him, or that something was wrong with him. He said 'What just happened?!?.

He said it felt like a huge flame of fire went down his side. He pointed to where - his top of head, side of face, and arm. He had to sit down. He didn't have any health concerns, but in that instant he was not sure if something wasn't wrong.

Something was wrong - but not with him.

An hour later, his Dad called. The jet ski he had been working on blew up. It flashed fire in his face, hair, and arms, all down his side.

When we visited him that week, we were looking directly at the singed, burnt skin and hair on the exact points my husband described the day he 'didn't know what happened'.

We now knew what had happened.

Intuition can come in a flash. Usually, not typically in a fire like flash though like that afternoon. That was extreme. Usually, it's much more subtle.

It got our attention though.

He knew he couldn't make something like that up.


You note a dream from the night before that your stepmom had a brown, odd shaped mark/growth on her side. In your inbox that morning, you are notified that your stepmom has gone to the doctor and a lump the size of a golf ball has been found.

You didn't even know she had a doctor's appointment.


Impressions of people, places, events would continue to arrive into my awareness through the years. Not always, but probably always at the right time. On need to know basis perhaps.


Intuition is not anything new. It's just getting stronger.

Penney Peirce, in her book Frequency, says we are moving from an Age of Information to an Age of Intuition.

I suspect the challenge will be the willingness and ability to enter into a space that voids the noise and clutter that distract us. The distractions disconnect our awareness of a world that is just beyond the surface.

"Whatever method you choose to help you better connect with your intuition, know that regular practice, gratitude and staying connected to your inner self are all tools that can help make this process easier." -Tanaaz @ Forever Conscious



The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness by Penney Peirce

The Intuitive Spark by Sonia Choquette

Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know by Nancy du Tertre. (*Highly recommended for skeptics and/or believers.)


"Your Intuitive Intelligence Your Greatest Self Improvement" by Sonia Choquette

"Accessing Intuitive Insight" (copyright by Penney Peirce Communications)

Forever Conscious -see Intuition

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