• A.A. Russell


Everyone. Everyone has it if we are alive in this world. A Higher Purpose is one that goes beyond yourself.

One person can change the life of another - another person, classroom, community, or country.

Think parent/child. Teacher/student. CEO/company. Team Leader/Team. President/country.

Children know the impact of family at home and teachers in classrooms. Memories stay.

Leaders in the military, Executives in the work place affect their teams everyday. Hopefully it's in a positive way. People tend to remember effective - or ineffective leaders and/or influencers.

With a career in international development, extensive global travel, and interesting humanitarian projects I've been exposed to some exceptional individuals - and organizations that are affecting the lives of others.

There is an invisible, intangible element that lights the path of some of those I have either crossed paths with, worked for, or worked with. They lead by example.

Admirals, Generals, CEOs, Professors, Senators and musicians, families, teachers, community leaders both here at home and far away villages have demonstrated it.

They may not be household names, but I can be sure their affect on the lives of those around them, or in their field of work have touched a depth greater than what appears on the surface.

The purpose of this post is to illuminate it - the Higher Purpose that goes beyond them.

They inspire many.



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