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"It takes People to Make the Dream a Reality."

                      -Walt Disney




In a world of divergent news, dissenting views, and polarizing perspectives, stay inspired by those making the world a better place - both for themselves and thus, the world around them.

This website is dedicated to information, news, and communications beyond our 'surface' world.


Kids + their world of Imagination, Creativity and Acting:

life behind the scenes of two young actors. 

 Intuition and Life beyond the five senses.

And other inspiring people, places, projects.


       a compass to guide

"Intuition is the inborn compass that keeps us on course when we set sail for our greatest dreams, pointing out opportunities, while at the same time alerting us to danger and distraction if we drift from our true purpose."

                                    -Sonia Choquette


November 2, 2016

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June 9, 2017

Photo credit:  MattyBRaps (official) Twitter /Facebook

It's not everyday we run into little kids with BIG messages.  How often do we see young kids take on subjects like #Anti-bullying and/or #Downs Syndrome Awareness AND their message travels around the world? 

This is the case with Sarah Grace and her brother Ma...

June 6, 2017

Rolling Stones: Mac McAnally was named Musician of the Year for an eighth consecutive time at the 49th CMA Awards. Jason Davis/Getty Images

Mac McAnally may be one of (if not the) most humble people in the Music/Entertainment industry.  Here's why:

He left his small home town (really small) of Belmont, MS to follow his cal...

December 30, 2016

He realized there was more to life than Rolls Royces and yachts.  

George Esseff, Sr. was a Chemist/Metallurgist for the U.S. Corps of Engineers when he discovered a market for Titanium.  A number of patents later and a career change from Chemist to CEO led him to become one of the worlds' leading Titanium entrepreneurs....

November 14, 2016

I viewed the world one way.  It was linear, left brain dominated, and highly logical.  Mention the word 'meditation' and the image of a monk in an Asian cave or long haired hare krishna type on a San Francisco street corner came to mind.  It was my idea of 'weird'.   

Then... in walk...

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